Treatment Options

Ceramic Braces

While braces are an amazing invention, there is no denying that they stand out. If you’re the kind of person who appreciates a more subtle appearance, consider ceramic braces. They are designed to more easily blend in with the teeth. Furthermore, we use EXPERIENCE ceramic braces. Alongside the muted appearance, the brackets are self-ligating, which eliminates the needs for elastic bands and ties.

Metal Braces

Braces are a reliable and popular method of straightening your teeth. As technology continues to advance, so does the efficiency of our tools. That is how EXPERIENCE braces came to be. These braces have implemented self-ligating brackets, which means the brackets alone are capable of holding the wire in place. This increases comfort and efficiency with better results while decreasing overall time in braces. You can always add colors for stylish decoration!


Straightening your teeth has never been so simple. Teenagers and adults alike love Invisalign aligners for their efficient, yet convenient design. Just slide a new set of aligners over your teeth each week to see your smile transform. The best part? They can be taken off at any time- whether you’re eating, brushing your teeth, flossing, or even going out for some fun. Each new aligner is a step towards a new smile.


Now that your braces are gone, it is time to move to the final phase! Your retainers are the key to stabilizing your new smile and keeping it firmly in place. Without them, your teeth will shift back out of place. For about 6 months we recommend wearing them at all times, after which they are worn only at night. Just remember, each patient is different and the time may vary. Your retainers will ensure that all of your hard work is paid off.